Tuesday, 7 December 2010

my final peice

I got my inspiration from John.T.Unger, He makes massive fish out of old wood and metals and bottle tops. I used the bottle idea but i decided to use the whole bottle.
first I made my maquette out of recycled cardboard and then collected more cardboard and bottles I started making the fish and then had the idea of the bottle top air bubbles. I also decided to suspend them using some misshaped coat hangers and my dad gave me some wire he wasn't going to need and covered it all in tin foil some I did use clean foil we used but I had to use some from the packet. I covered some of the fish with foil and some of the fins. I am happy with the way they look in the gallery but I have to admit I didn't like it when I finished it at home.

I like the way it is mostly silver and the bubbles/bottle caps stand out. I feel I could have suspended them differently but I like the way it looks like I baby's mobile. I decided to make it because I saw a fish made out of a bottle in an art gallery in Cornwall when I was on holiday. But when I was trying to find the artist I came across John .T.Unger and really liked his work and progressed from there.
we made the clay tiles and put broken glass in them and then put them in the kiln and biscuit fired, I made  the Y. 
I love the tea bag dog, I think it was paper mached and then had tea bags put on top. I really like the dress it doesn't really look like recycled materials it looks amazing. The grease tape is really good, you can tell who it is as well I love the idea of the tape actually coming from the cassette. the peacock in the corner i liked it looked like it took a really long time to weave the bags. The hands coming out of the book look really realistic. 
the whole gallery looked amazing the atmosphere on the night was really christmassy! 

In the exhibition it was busy and a real success everyone should be very proud of there work it was all really good but I just picked out a few that really caught my eye.This was the first exhibition for most of us if not all and I think we done incredibly well the work was done to a really good standard.A popular recycled material was crisp packets and bottles, cans and bottletops. i think the most imaginative material is the teabags I really think that is clever.
I think my classmates and I have got an amazing experience of having an exhibition with our work in it and also learnt to get our work in on a deadline and record it on our blogs.
 I think that recycling materials is such a good idea and as you can see we can make such beautiful pieces of work made out of our household rubbish.