Friday, 8 October 2010

cardboard flowers

Today in class we made cardboard flowers. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures but this is how we made them:

We got a magazine double page each and rolled it into a very thin paper spill. Then got 5 strips of cardboard and use a pen to curl them. and I curled them at variant heights and thickness of curl. Then stuck them in to the top of the spill and put some masking tape around as a collar then we put them all into a vase. 

Bottle slumping

We will be doing bottle slumping in class soon and we have prepared so this is what we are going to do:

a bottle, rolling pin, knife, fork and a water pot.
our clay will be at a plastic consistency (so pliable and smooth)

1. Flatten the clay with your hands, keep turning, then get the rolling pin and flatten until 1cm thick all over. Make sure it is longer than the bottle. 

2. With a knife carefully slice around the edges making sure it is all even.

3. Roll up four clay spheres and use the fork and make cross hatching patterns on then and the clay where you are going to put them., dip the fork in water before hand so you make clay slip.

4. Wrap the bottle in paper towels and masking tape and shape your clay slab on top,use the balls as feet. 

5. Put initials on it somewhere. Then leave to go bone dry. Put in the kiln at 11100c.

cara barer attempt by me

I made this using: a strip of a magazine and folding it into place by putting paper clips there to keep it sturdy. Then glued it for homework.
I am really pleased with my overall outcome.Ii feel it look almost like cara barer's work. I will take a picture of it on plain black paper on Monday, I think you will get a better perspective that way.
cara barer

Cara Barers looks much more professional than mine so I will take picture on a black background and hopefully mine will look just as good. I really like the way cara bares look as if they are floating.

Friday, 1 October 2010

3D book

I was given the beano by my teacher and this is what I have created:
to do this I had to glue together some pages and find the page I wanted I opted for about the middle because it is a thin book. Then I made the body and head for Dennis out of scrunched up newspaper, and stuck them in place using glue and masking tape. I made the hair by cutting out a layers piece of the books pages, and used the left over pages to rip up pieces to create a look of him jumping out of the book then to finish I put red and black stripes on the body and lots of different Dennis faces on the head.
It is 3D and I put stripes all around it and all different Dennis faces all around the head. overall i am pleased with the out come of the sculpture. i really like the fact of Dennis bursting out of the book thats why I ripped up strips of the book to make the effect.