Friday, 8 October 2010

cara barer attempt by me

I made this using: a strip of a magazine and folding it into place by putting paper clips there to keep it sturdy. Then glued it for homework.
I am really pleased with my overall outcome.Ii feel it look almost like cara barer's work. I will take a picture of it on plain black paper on Monday, I think you will get a better perspective that way.
cara barer

Cara Barers looks much more professional than mine so I will take picture on a black background and hopefully mine will look just as good. I really like the way cara bares look as if they are floating.

1 comment:

  1. Great outcome Holly, to really appreciate the form fully can you take another image against a plain background.

    Try to add more detail to you explanation of the process (imagine you are explaining it to someone who has no idea about Cara Barer's work).

    Develop your annotation by reflecting on what you think of your final outcome, connections to artists work and improvements you could make.