Friday, 1 October 2010

3D book

I was given the beano by my teacher and this is what I have created:
to do this I had to glue together some pages and find the page I wanted I opted for about the middle because it is a thin book. Then I made the body and head for Dennis out of scrunched up newspaper, and stuck them in place using glue and masking tape. I made the hair by cutting out a layers piece of the books pages, and used the left over pages to rip up pieces to create a look of him jumping out of the book then to finish I put red and black stripes on the body and lots of different Dennis faces on the head.
It is 3D and I put stripes all around it and all different Dennis faces all around the head. overall i am pleased with the out come of the sculpture. i really like the fact of Dennis bursting out of the book thats why I ripped up strips of the book to make the effect. 

1 comment:

  1. Good explanation of task, well done.

    You could improve your images by adding additional light, you can do this during the lesson this week 14/10/10.

    Please develop your annotation by reflecting on what you think of your final outcome, connections to artists work and improvements you could make.