Friday, 8 October 2010

Bottle slumping

We will be doing bottle slumping in class soon and we have prepared so this is what we are going to do:

a bottle, rolling pin, knife, fork and a water pot.
our clay will be at a plastic consistency (so pliable and smooth)

1. Flatten the clay with your hands, keep turning, then get the rolling pin and flatten until 1cm thick all over. Make sure it is longer than the bottle. 

2. With a knife carefully slice around the edges making sure it is all even.

3. Roll up four clay spheres and use the fork and make cross hatching patterns on then and the clay where you are going to put them., dip the fork in water before hand so you make clay slip.

4. Wrap the bottle in paper towels and masking tape and shape your clay slab on top,use the balls as feet. 

5. Put initials on it somewhere. Then leave to go bone dry. Put in the kiln at 11100c.

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