Thursday, 9 September 2010

recycling books!

Here are some artists who have inspired me and my class.

In this blog i will show you some artists work. These particular artists work with old books and making them into amazing sculptures. 
Cara Bera      name,unknown

Tom Phillips   name, unknown
For my art work we are using recycled books to create jawdropping work! we will use these unwanted books and revive them to there full potential. We are going to use the story of the book we get to create the scene on top. also we are looking at Tom Phillips a well known English artists ans he uses text form books to create  his art work.

Robert The    name,unknown
Tom Phillips   a humemant


  1. Good introduction to the project Holly, well done.

    Please can you make sure that you proof read your posts before you publish them to ensure spelling and grammar is correct.

  2. Consider the layout of your images.